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covoid 19 update
At the present time due to inadequate PPE supplise we are limiting appointments to people with problems. Text me 935-4441 and I will contact you to schedule an appointment.  For routine care call 696-3354 and leave your name and phone number and the office will call you when we resume routine care.  We have invested $5,000.00 in air filtrations systems for your safety.


Silver Fillings have been the standard of care for over 100 years.  Now that standard is about to change with the introduction of Activa, a resin modified glass ionomer.     Activa contains fluoride and calcium molecules and is a bioactive material that mimics the physical and chemical properties of natural teeth. These bioactive materials actively participate in the cycles of ionic exchange that regulate the natural chemistry of our teeth and saliva and contribute to the maintenance of tooth structure and oral health.  See the diagram below.  The role of fluoride in preventing decay has been known for years and the calcium bonds to the calcium of the enamel to form a seal against bacteria.  Silver fillings lack this ability and do not contain the fluoride and calcium.  Additionally this material can be repaired without removing the entire filling if a portion of the tooth should break later.  With a silver filling the entire filling must be removed.

Preventing cavities 

I recommend using CTx4 Gel 4000 and CTx3 rinse morning and evening.   Unfortunately these items are not in local stores but can only be found online at and amazon.   Research at dental schools have shown this regimen significantly reduces the rate of decay.
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